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Collected within’ 30 minutes (Northern periphery of Brussels)

This is our guarantee for all urgent consignments needed to be collected in a 20 km range of Grimbergen (North of Brussel). This perimeter covers and is not limited to: Anderlecht, Affligem, Asse, Brucargo, Brussel, Diegem, Dilbeek, Elewijt, Eppegem, Evere, Ganshoren, Grimbergen, Groot-Bijgaarden, Haren, Jette, Kobbegem, Laken, Londerzeel, Machelen, Meise, Melsbroek, Mollem, Nossegem, Sterrebeek, Strombeek-Bever, Ternat, Vilvoorde, Wemmel, Woluwe, Zaventem, Zellik, Zemst ...

Obviously our courier services reach far beyond these boundaries as well. Just keep in mind that it will take a little longer to get your goods picked-up in a larger area. Or maybe you already know some time before when a time-critical delivery needs to be done? Collection tomorrow morning at 6 am in Luxemburg? Tell us. Our courier will be there exactly at 6 am to collect your consignment and will deliver it straight to you or at the given destination.

Same-day delivery

In contrary to distribution companies with 24 hours delivery service, Sprinter Europe’s courier service delivers your consignment straight after collection. We make no diversions to carry out other collections or deliveries at other locations on the way. Your goods are not stocked, grouped or sorted in a HUB. Once on board, your consignments simply heads for the final destination and are only unloaded once arrived. If it happens that there will be no one present to collect the consignment at the estimated time of delivery, our courier can deliver the next morning at a specified time. Whether it is very early in the morning or in Paris, our courier will be there with your consignment at the desired time.

From envelope to pallet

We guarantee a fast same-day delivery of all of your goods up to 500 kg and with a maximal volume of 1m³. Of course we can handle larger goods pretty fast as well, quite often also with a same-day delivery. 90% of our time-critical deliveries consists of urgent spare parts, delicate technical equipment, valuable medical instrumentation, important paperwork, sensitive information carriers, documents, samples, prototypes or test prints… We’re also regularly asked to urgently deliver forgotten car keys, passports or luggage. Or sometimes wedding dresses on a late Friday evening. No need to be embarrassed about the kind of goods you want to be shipped. Everything can be of an importance and we like to take care of it.

National and international

Most of our incoming transport requests are for consignments with collection in central Belgium and delivery in an area of 500 km around Brussels. Of course we don’t make an issue collecting or delivering consignments outside this area. Just keep in mind that we charge all driven kilometers starting and ending in Grimbergen. Do not hesitate to contact us for an informal offer.


Fast, flexible and reliable

FAST: When time matters… do not hesitate. Call our courier service and our driver will depart for collection within seconds. One driver will be fully dedicated to your mission only. After collection, your goods will be brought by the fastest tracks to their final destination. Whether it is located in Belgium or elsewhere in Europe, no other delays will be made then the once required for your shipment, no time will be wasted on other clients pick-ups or drop-outs.

FLEXIBLE: We adapt ourselves to your needs and help you finding the most suitable solutions. All of our drivers are experienced and bilingual, which makes them useful for all of your assignments. Would there be an unforeseen case or changes in your assignment, we will assure a good communication between you and our driver at all times. Finally, every shipment will have a decent proof of delivery. You are free to use your own shipping documents or we can provide you some of our threefold delivery notes free of charge.

RELIABLE: Your goods will be loaded in the vehicle only to be unloaded once at their final destination. There will be no extra processing such as sorting, weighing, marking, stocking or regrouping. Besides a serious gain of time, it considerably reduces the risk of damage, theft or loss to practically zero. Furthermore we only use well maintained vehicles, driven by experienced, careful and reliable couriers. That’s why our clients assign us not only with their most time-critical and time-dedicated consignments, but also with their sensitive, fragile and most valuable goods.

Besides being cautious with your consignments, we keep the same level of cautiousness with your invoices. Our prices are clear and transparent. No fuel surcharge or other unpleasant charges will be added. You always know what you pay for. Do not hesitate to contact us, by e-mail or by using our contact form, to inform for our rates or to ask us for an informal quote.