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About Sprinter Europe courier service company

While in 1986 same-day courier services were still barely known and in their infancy, Karel Herbots, founded Sprinter Company in Meise.
It became immediately clear that there was a strong need for a fast and reliable same day delivery service. The client database expanded in no time. A dedicated team of drivers were then equipped only with semaphones, a bunch of maps of several countries, street maps of the main cities and a handful of foreign coins. Though, they ensured a punctual delivery of all time-critical goods and time-dedicated consignments. A permanently staffed dispatch orchestrated the whole into a master symphony. In 2008 Karel Herbots earned his retirement. But every end is also a new beginning. Continuity was assured by Raphaël Mathieux, son of late Paul Mathieux who was a dedicated and motivated courier for many years. Sprinter Europe bvba was born!

Starting a courier service in the middle of a financial crisis would have been a great risk to take if it wasn’t that there already was a well-oiled machine of dedicated and experienced couriers at the base.

As well-oiled that at first the machine was only given a new color. Time was granted to gradually fine-tune and set up the standards needed to meet today’s requirements.
Nowadays Sprinter Europe is more than ever a same-day courier company that has proven it’s necessity and efficiency. A personal and clear communication, recognizing and solving problems, anticipating and thinking along with the clients… These are characteristics of Sprinter Europe that makes the difference at the bottom-line.
Sprinter Europe is focused on urgent transportation and same day delivery. We know how to stay open and flexible in finding tailor-made solutions. All of this results in an active courier company that continuously reshapes and keeps responding to the specific needs of time-critical and time-dedicated transportation.